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Autism Spectrum Disorders Presentation

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The cost of this presentation is $50 per person. If you register as a GROUP of four (4), there is a 25 percent discount per person. You may, however, go as an individual or with any number of people that you wish, as long as you are registered.

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For all of you involved with the delivery of ABAServices, Dr. William Heward BCBA will be visiting The Central Valley

Dr. Willaim Heward was instermental in defining and publishing the initial ABA services for Children with Developmental Delays. This rare appearance presents an opportunity for you to meet and talk with the person who wrote the “Book On ABA”.

Evidence Based Practices for Autism Spectrum Disorders

Tuesday, August 05, 2014

8:00 AM4:00 PM (Pacific Time)

Clovis North High School

2770 E International Ave

Fresno, California 93730




Keynote Speaker

Dr. William Heward, BCBA

“Helping School-Age Students with Autism Succeed in Regular Classrooms” The rationale, research base, and implementation guidelines for interventions that help students with ASD learn five skill sets needed to succeed in inclusive classrooms will be presented.

Evidence-Based Practices Break-out Sessions include:

    • Analyzing the Function of Behavior by Emily Branscum and Todd Chase
    • Response Interruption and Redirection by Emily Branscum and Todd Chase
    • Reinforcement Procedures by Emily Branscum and Todd Chase
    • Pivotal Response Training by Michelle Austin Speech Generating (AAC) Devices by Michelle Austin
    • Social Skill Groups Naturalistic Interventions by Amber Ladd and Amy Prince
    • Peer Mediated Instruction/Intervention by Ananda Aspen

Task Analysis Structured Work Systems by Laura Lavery
Self Monitoring and Self Determination by Laura Lavery

  • Common Core for Students with ASD by Ann England
  • Prompting Procedures by Melissa Rose
  • Visual Supports by Liza Stack
  • Video Modeling
  • Social Narratives and Story-Based Interventions
  • Successful Inclusion – a Central Valley Example by Katrina Blue and Olivia Calvillo

Contact Information

Phone: 559 593-1864
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Focus on Unity in Education

c/o Carole Bence

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